Always focusing on the service quality to get beyond customer expectations,

Obliterating negations affecting service quality by fulfilling technological necessities of our epoch,

Conforming to rules of Quality Management System and continually improving its efficiency,

ISO 9001/2008 certified MARINEX is an approved supplier of the various reputable public / military procurement agencies. Some of the military organizations are NAMSA, BWB of Germany, DAPA of South Korea, ARMSCOR of South Africa, KEΦN of Greece, and DMO of Australia.

NAMSA - NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency
NCage Code: D7034

BWB - Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung
(Federal Office of Defense Technology and
Procurement, Germany)
Contractor No: 3062K

Defense Acquisition Program Administration,
South Korea

ARMSCOR – Armaments Corporation of South Africa

Supplier Code: 2166

– Hellenic Navy Supplies Center, Greece
- Department of Defence, Defence Material Organization, Australia